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Debbie Lund

Debbie Lund's paintings capture the essence of what one sees when they view nature themselves. 

Through Deb's paintings, veiwers transform to a place and time where the outside world disappears, and the internal

soul of the art becomes poignant through her unique brushwork and tonal vibrato of colors. 

The viewer is aware of seeing the wilderness for the first time and will never step foot back into nature without witnessing

the beauty that is captured within one of her paintings.

Debbie Lund is an emerging artist who portrays the silent beauty of wildlife, nature and the animals we love on location

from her country studio in Pritchard British Columbia, Canada

"Going back to the simplicity of life and finding your true authentic self to follow your dreams comes easy when you

find that quiet place in nature.  Wrapped within the beauty and silence, only then can you truly listen to spirits soft whispers

of wisdom.  So come with me and journey into the backcountry of Canada through my art. 

We will experience places of beauty and solitude then witness the magnificence of the wild together."

Deb grew up on a beautiful remote cattle ranch within the heart of the Highland Valley with her family and she excelled

in the arts and riding horses.   There was never a day that Deb was not without her sketchbook and her horse going on adventures within the back-country drawing and painting the life she lived.


                                       And even today Deb is still always out riding her

                                                         horses or out hiking into the 

                                 back-country with her beloved companion, Kayah, her wolf






Never losing site of her dream of becoming a full-time artist, after she married and raised 3 children, Deb continually

pursued to self educate herself to become a skilled artist.

In 2004, Deb was juried into the Federation of Canadian Artists and began her journey.  She achieved several

honorable awards in local and regional FCA shows and was published in Western Horse Magazine. 

She was also accepted to have one of her images "The Jump" featured on a young adults' book cover. 

Her latest original "Through the YaHa Tinda" received both honorable mention and Peoples Choice Award in Kamloops, BC at the the renowned "Cowboys Art Show and Festival" in March, 2019

Finding inner wisdom and strength through nature has always given Deb the answers of how to

follow her dreams and now she is deeply inspired to help others do the same through her paintings. 

She has found a new mentor and is on a journey of becoming a Master Artist, to learn how to capture

the true effects of light.  Being able to portray the essence of the spirit in

wildlife and nature, is beoming her newfound passion in life.